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What they're saying:

Over the past several years Kaylor's Landscaping has done several major projects at my home. Chris Kaylor played an itegral part with all aspects of these projects.

My first project was designing, planning, and construstion of a completely landscaped lot that I had purchased next door to my home. The main feature of this project was my dry creek that runs from the top of the hill on down my property. Kaylor's helped in the initial design and layout and then meticulously placed each and every rock and boulder in the dry creek to reach the desired effect I was after. Once the dry creek was complete Chris worked on finding the right boulders for the rest of my yard. He looked long and hard to find the right shape, size, and colors of boulders for each and every location in my new yard. The next and final step was to layout the plants and trees in my yard. Chris was again a huge help in this process from the final layout to picking the specific species of plants and trees to the final planting.

The next major project was adding a walking path through my existing yard that had fully mature plants and trees. This required a keen eye and attention to detail to make the path fit in with the mature landscaping. With Chris's help we came up with a plan and the use of different walking path materials that looks as one with nature in my mature gardens.

I would like to thank Chris Kaylor for helping me with my landscaping projects. He has a very keen eye for detail, vast knowledge of plants and was a pleasure to work with.

-R.M. Parks

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