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What they're saying:

We built our dream home and as it was being built Kaylor's Landscaping worked with us on our landscaping concept and plan. They quickly had the complete plan laid out including all plant locations, curbing design, irrigation plan, and plant types and required quantities of each plant.

We were extremely impressed in not only the quick turnaround time with all the planning but once approved they went right to work on the project.

While our home was still under construction Kaylor's had all the drainage installed, the back irrigation plumbing set, and had raised all the landscaping beds. They had coordinated with several different nurseries from Santa Barbara, Fresno, Bakersfield, and locally for the purchase of all the plants and trees required and had them delivered in stages so that the planting would be smooth and seamless.

They had spent several days collecting different rocks from the local foothills that were just the right size, shape and color to fit the layout of landscaping design.

So before the house was completed, the plants, trees, and rocks were all set along with the delivery and setting of several fountains we had purchased.

The design, including landscape lighting of each area of our gardens reflect an atmosphere of love and comfort to entertain our family and friends.

We would like to thank Kaylor's for providing a professional and most of all a stress free landscaping project from beginning to end at our new home

-Tim and Marilyn Callison

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